Please note that we have changed our hours for this week: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM Daily.
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM  ★  DIRECTIONS ✚
Welcome to Minisi Convenience & Gift
Welcome to Minisi Convenience & Gift
21800 Island Road
Port Perry, Ontario, L9L 1B6
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Forgot the milk? We've got you covered.
Grocery in a jiffy. Stop in for many household items:
Milk, Dairy  ★  Bacon, Meats and BBQ  ★  Chips, Salty Snacks, Beef Jerky  ★  Candy & Chocolate  ★  Pet Food   ★  Toys  ★  Diapers & Infant Care  ★  Cold Drinks & Sandwiches  ★  Bread & Buns  ★  Toiletries & Household Supplies  ★  Games & More
Everything to quench your thirst
We've got cold drinks at Minisi Convinience
Hats, Shirts and More...
Stylish apparel from new brands
Grocery in a jiffy
Visit us for the household items you need
Fun trinkets and cool gifts
Unique gifts for any occasion
Everything to keep things clean
Pick up cleaning supplies for your home
Biidaaban Gallery - Representing the work of Indigenous Artists
All the extras you've come to expect.
ATM Banking, Gift Cards, Instant and Online Lottery, UPS pick-up / drop off & Seasonal Items including:
Ice  ★  Propane  ★  Live Worms  ★  Fire Wood & Fire Starting Accessories  ★  Filtered Water (Culligan)  ★  Ice Melt  ★  Fireworks
Take advantage of discounted fuel
Discounted fuel, cheaper than in town!
Grab a coffee while you're here
Grab a coffee from Tim Horton's while you are here
What our guests are saying.
"Well made handcrafted items. Love stopping in"
Mary Lafontaine
"All staff are friendly wish Toronto stores were like this"
Nailed It
"Fast service with a smile! I swear the same song is on every time we stop by! LOL Lots of funky knick knacks!"
Remy Darling
"We try to stop by whenever we are in port Perry. It's a great little store with a large assortment of authentic indigenous items."
Marda King
Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation